pwgen version 0.3 released

Geplaatst door Wietse Venema op 22 december 2009

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Last week I released the first public version of pwgen. pwgen is a password generator. It generates passwords which are designed to be easily memorized by humans, while being as secure as possible. The GUI is clean and simple. If you modify one of the controls, a new password will be generated. The textfield containing the password will be automatically selected each time you generate a new password. This allows for quick tweaking and copy/paste of your random password.

I submitted the application to and within a day it got featured in the “Networking & Security” category. Version 0.2 has been downloaded close to 400 times in the first four days folllowing the release. Today I announce version 0.3.

This version sports some minor bugfixes and only one new feature. It is a “Check for updates” entry in the menu. I encourage all users to upgrade. Some major improvements are still in the pipeline and you don’t want to miss out on the next update.

When you launch the application for the second time it will ask you whether to check for updates automatically.

If you choose not to, you can always check for updates manually using the menu entry “Check for updates”. I implemented this feature in under an hour using Sparkle, a free software update framework. All I had to do was;

  • Link the Sparkle framework
  • Create the menu entry ‘Check for updates’
  • Create an appcast. An appcast is basically a RSS feed of the application, describing the different versions.

You can download the source of version 0.3 here (MD5: 34a0e940594ef63c472eab9030c17b3a). Please let me know what you think of pwgen here in the comments.


Geplaatst door Volker Schaefer op 18 februari 2010 uur:
Easy tu use, works fine. Looking forward for next updates.



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